Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more cards...

Here's what I did for the Pink October swap. October is national Breast cancer Awareness month and there are so many types of pink ribbon promotions in the grocery stores. There is a great website thinkbeforeyoupink.org that promotes product transparency and pinkwasher discovery. A pink washer product is product that claims to donate proceeds to breast cancer but can also be linked to the causes of breast cancer. An example of a pink washer is the Ford Mustang, carcinogens from the exhaust have been linked to breast cancer. Therefore think before you pink, make sure you know exactly how you are supporting the breast cancer cure.  One of my favorite essays is Welcome to CancerLand by Barbara Ehrenreich you can google it, 

This is a gold ingot for the Old West swap. When a miner struck gold, he would take it to be appraised. the gold would be molded into an ingot, and stamped with its weight, purity  and the appraiser's mark. I am really happy with how the colors turned out.  

Got to love our apartment's ugly carpet :)

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