Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last two cards

This is my Malayan Tapir from 3 Blind Mice's zoo swap. What a great swap that was!  Isn't it so cute the babies are born with spots. I carved this from a photo. These Tapirs live in the Edinburgh zoo in Scotland. I love that adorable front foot. I only wish I could have captured the baby's snout more accurately.  

My last card is what I did for the Lighthouse swap back in August. I chose the only lighthouse that meant something to me. Faulkner's Island Lighthouse in Long Island 
Sound near Guilford, CT. I visited this lighthouse when I was three with my mom, my aunt Jill and their cousin Joel. I remember clearly the numerous bunnies. They didn't have any predators on this tiny island. The rabbit was my first two layer carve. I used water color pencils for the background.  

My mom's cousin Joel founded the Faulkner's Light Brigade to help protect the lighthouse and to keep it in use. Coincidentally Joel also married me and Alex on July 2nd, 2006. 

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