Tuesday, November 18, 2008

and 2 more

 I was in an Asian swap! The returns were great. I've seen a bunch of Asian artist trading cards and they also come out looking so clean and pretty. For this swap I carved a lantern with the characters that say China in gold.  The base is a Chinese newspaper in Seattle and the photos came from a National Geographic pictorial on China. Each card had a different photo on it, but all were images of China. Some had people, other had landscape and industry. I save this one for myself because I thought a bag of ducks really illustrated an example of cultural difference between the U.S. and China.  

This dog card is from the Paper hoarders swap. It 
Laika the first animal in Space. Laika was a Russian stray that was put into orbit in 1957 and immediately died.  Her sacrifice paved the way for human space flight; within five years of her orbit the Soviet Union launched first successful maned space mission.  I first thought of carving Laika when I wanted to bring a November event themed box to my first event. I bought the cool spacemen paper and never used it until the swap.  This print is based off a package of Laika brand cigarettes. This was my second two layer print. The beige is one layer and then I stamped black over it. I then wrote Laika in cyrillic script. 

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