Thursday, November 13, 2008

More cards!

This was originally a personal traveler that I called goatfish. The participants had to guess what astrological sign I meant by goatfish. Apparently it wasn't easy, even the Green Tortuga had to give it a moment's thought. Anyway my sister is a Capricorn, January 11. And someday I hope to plant this stamp in her honor.

The image is not my design, I copied it from one of my favorite printmakers winged lion on etsy or Natalia Moroz. Her work is awesome and inspirational. I've learned a lot just from her website.

This Handsome bird is a Steller's Jay. He is very common to the Cascades region. I didn't capture the brilliant dark blue, but he would have some on his back. Just consider him the Pacific Northwest's version of the Blue Jay. There about the same size. A part of my Birds of my [current] Backyard series, there were two other birds in the series. I made only six of each card. The paper came in a paper scrap back from the University book store.

The Northern Flicker or Red Shafted Flicker is a member of my Birds of my Backyard series. I see these fellows quite often while letterboxing. They are tenacious foragers and quite well painted, I think. Carving dots/small circles is something for which I have little patience, so I was pleased with his belly.

The last member of the birds is the Spotted Owl. A classic indicator species of old growth forest. If these owls are happy and breeding the forest is healthy, if not then there is too much logging going on. Recently I've seen a bunch of owls that look at lot like Spotted Owls and perhaps they were but my binoculars are not fantastic and I think I've been seeing Barred Owls. Barred Owls are a strong Southeastern species, which are eating the spotted Owls out of house and home.

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