Thursday, November 13, 2008

More cards!

Here's my color study. I love working with magazines and hand carved stamps. I named this card checkerboard charmbow. It's probably my favorite card, the work to make it is time consuming but not in a tedious way, so this card is currently not retired.

My next card is my Russian doll card or Matroyshka. These dolls were collected by my sister. I carved this stamp originally for a postal to send out and it was well received. Much later I found this really cute stickers in an Asian bookstore. The background paper, which is very pretty is from Impress in University village. I go into that store pretty frequently for paper ribbon and ideas.

Another card carved for a postal ring is my Celtic lion from the book of Kells. I first learned about the book of Kells in high school. Its an ornate ancient Bible that was created by monks in I think 15th century. I don't remember. Ancient history isn't my bag. This stamp was part of the Ancient symbols PLB ring. One person carved this awesome Hebrew mandala, which made me want to carve some Judaica. I haven't tried it yet. This stamp is my most successful carve to date. So I intend to hold onto the stamp for posterity.

One last card made from a stamp from a postal ring is my mojito card. Mojito is a rum cocktail from Cuba with muddled mint, lime and sugar. A Hemingway favorite the cool sugary tartness of this combination makes the Mojito very drinkable. My mom sent me this paper for Christmas last year. I told I wanted decorative paper, so she went to Jo-Anns and picked out the ones she like. In retrospect this card might have looked better with white checkerboard. I still haven't figured out what to do with the stamp.

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